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What a better way to start your day and give your body the boost it needs than with a Smoothie! I love smoothies, I create a different smoothie daily. I turn to my Nutribullet and allow my fruits and veggies to satisfy my taste buds. I prepare my smoothies from the night before. All of my fruit are frozen over night. Let’s begin, first I pour a cup of coconut milk into my Nutribullet cup along with a quarter cup of coconut probiotics then I add my frozen banana, four strawberries (be sure to cut the green stem off your strawberries before freezing.) 2 pieces of seedless watermelon. Lastly I add 2 Tsp of steel cut oatmeal and a Tsp of flax seed dust. Then you blend. Enjoy!

smoothieWhole banana (frozen)

4 strawberries (frozen)

2 Pieces of watermelon (frozen)

1 Cup/Coconut milk

1/4 Cup Coconut probiotics

2 Tsp Spoons Steel cut oat meal

1 Tsp Spoon Flax seed dust

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