Lupus Oracle’s main focus is to help educate the world on what Lupus is, all while sharing information as we grow as an online support community. “Each one, teach one.” Supporting each other through learning about our different battles, while living with lupus. Encouraging each other to push through the hard times and creating the awareness that is needed for such a silent chronic illness. Lupus Oracle is here to provide you with helpful tools and insight necessary to handle your day to day routine. A positive attitude is the first step in the right direction while living with lupus.

LO Butterfly

Lupus Oracle offers daily quotes with all original photos. We also offer recipes to healthy smoothies and dishes. You will find tips on healthy eating and living for those who may need it. We offer information on fitness and wellness.  Lupus Oracle wear is here for purchase for anyone willing to support this great cause. 15% of proceeds from donations and purchases will be forwarded to the NYU Langone Medical Center to help research new medication and ultimately find a cure to help us solve this invisible mystery. Which is our main goal!