Remission: The 4 P’s


the-articleFinally, 12 years living with Lupus, I heard the words I have been longing to hear for many years “Your Lupus Is In Remission” I am sure many of you reading this will wonder, how is remission possible living with an invisible illness such as Lupus? Although, I am not a doctor and I do not have all the answers. I can only educate on what I have done to reach the point of remission. I call it the 4 P’s Preparation, Patience, Positivity and Perseverance

My Preparation began with believing in myself and knowing that it is possible to live a fruitful life while living with Lupus. I began to question everything around me. I began to become more entwined with my body. I notice how my body would react when I ate certain types of food. I began to notice what drained my energy or how my stomach just did not agree with meat. So, I then decided it was time to cut chicken and turkey out of my diet. As I cut certain meats out of my diet. I began to eat more salmon which is high in omega 3 and aids with inflammation. Drinking smoothies at least 6 times a week and eating fresh fruits and vegetables are a tremendous part of my new diet. Within 2 weeks of this food transition, I noticed my body started to feel more energized. To my surprise, my symptoms had began to digress and when I returned to my Rheumatologist, my blood results had improved, which lead to lowered doses of Prednisone and now living my life without Prednisone. It is now two months and I have been living without Prednisone, my body no longer depends on the steroid. I am forever thankful. I knew right away that the change in my diet was what caused my Lupus symptoms and blood results to show improvement. I began to boil and drink at least 3 times a week a Jamaican root called Cerasee. This root is known to cleanse the blood. Please keep in mind these are just little things that I did because I have been living with this illness for 12 years. However I am and was tired of living in pain.

While I tolerated the ups and downs of lupus, my hope for painless days grew stonger. Patience was encouraging myself not to become discourged and to push through my pain. Thinking to myself daily what else can I improve on my quest to living a healthier life while battling Lupus. Following doctors’ orders and making lifestyle changes, I began to get active. Running in a nearby park twice a week was a small start for me. Everything will take time and that’s understandable; that is where your patience will come into play.  Holding on to the thought of living a life as close to pain free is what kept me going. No matter what your illness presents to you keep going and always try your best to smile. I totally believe that smiling is a remedy of its own.

Having a positive attitude will make all the difference while battling Lupus. Patiently waiting as I started to believe that with the help of my Rheumatologist and changing my diet, as well as becoming more active, I can overcome this illness. There are so many different meals that can aid in a better overall being and get you on the right track to remission. I feel that I allowed nature to heal me, by eating fresh fruits and veggies and moving. I stayed away from foods that would cause inflammation and pain.  Then I put my plan into action and I started doing. I started to stay active whenever Lupus and my schedule allowed me. I am fully aware that there is no cure for Lupus and remission is just a temporary recovery, but it was worth a try and I am glad I took the chance to help myself on my journey to remission.dee

I feel the mind is way more powerful than we are aware of. I believe that whatever you truly believe, you will become. I believed in a better life while living with Lupus and I am now in remission, It all starts within you.  Once you have prepared yourself mentally and have learned that everything takes time you will have a positive attitude and you will persevere.

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