Living With Lupus

What To Expect While Living With Lupus

Living with Lupus can be very frustrating. That’s because Lupus is an unpredictable invisible illness. It can be very tough living with such an illness but rest assure it can be done. There are many ways to cope with living with Lupus. Just because you have Lupus doesn’t mean you cannot live a normal life. Deciding to have a positive attitude should be your first step and main goal when coping with any illness. Living with Lupus can be very stressful for those who may not be able to handle the sudden change. It can be very aggressive at times and at other times it can be very mild. Do not sit around feeling sorry for yourself. I repeat “Do not sit around feeling sorry for yourself.” That is only going to cause your Lupus to flare and become worse. Any emotional stress will be very detrimental to your now life long illness. Stress is your worse enemy while living with Lupus. Try your best to spend time smiling and enjoying life. There is no cure.

1.How To Stay Strong

Get active! Get into physical activities. Join a gym, go for a swim, run in the park, get on a bike, or just get moving and workout at home. Any movement will help your joints and muscles it will also help your immune system.

Working with your doctor is substantial when it comes to living with Lupus. Understand that keeping track of your symptoms, pain levels, medication regimens, side effects, and flares will help you understand what can and cannot be done while living with Lupus. Keeping a strict medication routine can help minimize Lupus flares.  Lupus flares can be anything that prevents you from accomplishing your daily activities. Things like not being able to brush your teeth due to pain in the joints of your fingers or deformed fingers due to arthritis. Not being able to walk up a flight of stairs or Skin lesions or mouth sores even the famous butterfly rash across the bridge of one’s nose. No matter what kind of flare keep track and you will have a better understanding of what your body can and cannot handle.

2.Become More Social

Joining a support group in your community can also be very beneficial to you. Knowing that there are others who are battling a similar battle to yours can help when it comes to emotional support.  If you are homebound due to this illness you can join an online chat community group. Make sure you research so you have an idea of what you have to deal with for the rest of your life. The better educated you are on this topic the better you are to being able to handle what you must deal with daily.

Become proactive when it comes to what you are facing. Finding out you have a chronic illness you may feel many emotions but be brave and know this is not the end of your life it is the beginning of your new life moving forward. Life may never be the same because of Lupus but it does not have to be dreadful.



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