Denise: Lupus Oracle Founder Shares her story

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“Take me as I am”. I am a Lupus Warrior! I have been battling Lupus for 13 years now. My name is Denise and I was diagnosed at a tender age of 19. I am the youngest of 7 girls. The only one of my sisters who has Lupus. I am a great mother to twin children, a boy and a girl, whom I was able to carry for 7 months. I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus in late September of 2005. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) also known as Lupus, is an autoimmune disease which causes your immune system (your body’s defense system) to attack healthy cells. Not sure how to handle what was now a huge part of my life. I now had to take medication daily due to Lupus being treatable and not curable. In addition to my diagnosis, I had to adjust to wearing corrective lens due to medication creating vision lost in less than 6 months of living with this chronic illness. In and out of the hospital for many different health issues such as fractured bones, fluid in my lungs, bacteria in my kidneys, dizzy/fainting vasovagal syncope, palpitations along with arthritis and Reynards syndrome all due to Lupus. Seems like, many people do not understand how serious of an illness Lupus is. Lupus literally causes me and millions of others to fight for our lives daily. Any change in the weather causes inflammation and joint aches. The sun is my enemy due to rashes that will arise anywhere on my body when in contact with the sun. Everyday is an unpredictable battle. Despite all of the troubles Lupus has caused me, I managed to push through each time. I truly believe that having a positive attitude with a huge change in my diet along with daily to weekly exercise has help me tremendously.

Lupus Oracle was created as a way to reach out to my fellow Lupus warriors. Here we have an online community for those who need the support and nourishment to overcome any fear of living with this invisible illness in an enlightening way. I spend parts of my day consulting members of the Lupus community when they are at their lows. Many friends have referred love ones to me because of my positive outlook on life while living with Lupus. Lupus Oracle is here to educate, share, grow and act on what Lupus is and ways we can live our lives all while living with Lupus. Daily Quotes, diet tips and articles are available on Lupus for those living with Lupus and for inquiring minds. Donations are accepted and percent of the proceeds will be donated to further studies in finding a cure for Lupus. Feel free to join the awareness and help educate others on what Lupus is and follow Lupus Oracle on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Keep in mind all we need is “Wings With A Spoonful of Courage”.




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