Alliance for Lupus Research- Walk with us 2014 (Walk)

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Lupus Oracle was so honored to walk for such a great cause. Walking 5 miles hand and hand with many survivors, along with their families and friends to bring awareness to this battle many of us fight daily. A special thanks to The Alliance for Lupus Research for year after year committing to serving the Lupus community. Personally I can not thank you guys enough!!!!!! The annual ALR (Walk With Us) has reached a goal of one million dollars in donations, for finding a cure. A special thanks to Greg T from Z100 Morning show, who did a tremendous job at keeping the crowd cheering. My deepest gratitude goes to those who sponsored the walk, Z100, The New York Jets, Capital One Bank, Macy’s, Jet Blue, Tiffany & Co, Trump and many others. The walk was a much appreciated success. Together we can and will find a cure.


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